Don't Back Out Now: Tips to Keep Your Spine in Great Shape

6 April 2015
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It doesn't matter what gender you are, how old you might be, or what your height is, you're still at risk of damaging your back at any time. All it takes is one wrong movement, and you could find yourself bed-ridden for weeks. It's an absolute nightmare when you pull your back, and whilst there is no guaranteed way to avoid injuries to your spine during your lifetime, there are things you can do to help prevent damage.

Listed here are the spine's essential 5 S's. These 5 little tips should help you to remember the precautions you need to take every day when it comes to your back, and if followed correctly may well help you avoid back pain in the future.

Standing & Sitting

The obvious one. The way in which you stand and sit every day on a regular basis can have significant effects on your spine, and it's definitely worth making an active effort to correct any poor postures you may have developed over time.

If you're an office worker, investing in some ergonomic equipment for your desk is vital. Spending long hours hunched over a desk in an uncomfortable chair is guaranteed to put significant strain on your back, and unless you purchase some spine-friendly accessories for your time in the office, you'll soon start to experience pain in your back that can take weeks to get rid of.


It might sound strange, but wearing the wrong type of shoes can actually exacerbate back pain and cause all kinds of spinal problems. It's important to remember that feet hold up the entire body, and if badly designed shoes put pressure on the feet, then anything above them is likely to suffer too.

Awkwardly shaped shoes have the ability to throw off the alignment of the body and place severe strain on the lower back, which can lead to the development of aches, pains, and pulled muscles. Good shoes allow you to retain the kind of posture that's healthy for your back, and by selecting a shoe make with a strong, balanced heel and sturdy soles, you'll do be able to avoid spine damage in the future.


Some say that a good night's sleep can solve pretty much anything. That goes doubly for your back. This is where a lot of the worst damage to your back can occur without you even noticing, and sleeping the right way is half the battle to avoiding future spinal injuries.

Of course, every individual's back pain can be different, but there are several different ways you can position yourself in bed if you're suffering, and these can help to ease spinal injuries over time. One way to relieve mounting pressure on your spine is to place a pillow underneath your knees (if you're lying on your back) or in between them (if you're lying on your side).

It's also incredibly important to make sure your bed mattress is up to date and comfortable. An old, lumpy mattress can cause considerable damage to your back, especially if you're approaching retirement age. Be willing to spend money on a nice, new mattress, as this can really help ease back pain and avoid any future problems too. Choosing good-quality pillows can also help.


If you ever needed another reason to stub out your cigarettes, then this could be it. Smoking restricts blood flow all around the body, and the back is far from exempt from the damaging effects of cigarettes. Toxins from the inhalation of tobacco smoke deprive the body of nutrients and oxygen, and smoking has been specifically linked to back pain given how it interacts harmfully with the process of spinal fusion. Many heavy smokers are also often burdened with a nasty cough for their habit, which puts added strain on the back as the body jerks and keels over. Stub it out for a healthy back.


If you spend your day lugging around heavy items, or basically carry your entire life around with you in your purse, then you need to start paying extra attention to your spine. People who schlep up and down all day with heavy bags are prone to back pain in later life, as the weight puts significant pressure on the spine that may only become apparent years into the future.

Dump any unnecessary documents that you've been hauling around and put them in your smart phone instead. As long as you back them up to your computer at home, they won't go anywhere. Slap anything you'll need for the day onto memory sticks rather than stuffing countless pieces of paper into a bag, and put a few hours aside one day to really sort out your handbag or rucksack.

Be honest with yourself: what do you really need to take to work with you every day? You'll probably be surprised about all the needless stuff you've accumulated over the past few months. Regularly dump what you don't need and travel lighter. Having that extra notepad is hardly worth it if you can barely climb out of bed in the mornings due to back pain, is it? 

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