How to Enjoy Gardening Without the Back Pain

13 December 2019
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Gardening has so many benefits for the body, keeping you active and encouraging you to get fresh air. However, sometimes this fun pastime can become very strenuous on the spine, causing bothersome back pain. If you've been afflicted by pain or discomfort while working on your landscaping, here are a few ways you can try to reduce those aches and strains.

Treat It Like Exercise

Before playing any sport, it's important to 'warm up' your limbs and joints. Why should gardening be any different? While it may not be a sport, it can be just as intense as other types of vigorous exercise. Try to stretch before a session of gardening, and ease your way in by starting with the less-intense tasks and moving onto the harder ones later.

Buy Better Tools

Often, back pain from gardening can be reduced or alleviated by using more ergonomic tools. Thankfully, there are numerous tools on the market today that are great for a healthy back. Collapsible wheelbarrows, for example, lay flat on the ground while you're filling them, eliminating the need to bend and twist. A garden hose with a wand attachment allows you to reach any area of your yard, high or low, from a far more comfortable position. There are even automatic weeders that eliminate the need to kneel down and pluck weeds by hand. Plus, there's always the handy garden seat or stool that you can use to rest on while shovelling or planting.

Don't Work Too Long

Another common cause of back pain while gardening is working in your yard for long stretches at a time. Your back needs frequent breaks to avoid muscle strain and tension. Try not to let your yard get overgrown, as tackling overgrown landscaping can require a lot of work in a short space of time. When you are gardening, make sure to rest once or twice an hour, and don't be afraid to spread the landscaping work over the course of several days.

See a Chiropractor

If the tips above still don't help make landscaping a more comfortable experience, it could be time to see a chiropractor. Chiropractic care is centred on maintaining a healthy back. When you book an appointment with a chiropractor, they'll use non-invasive, natural techniques like massage and spinal manipulation to relieve the pain, discomfort, and tension in your back. Your chiropractor will also offer you advice on other ways to keep your back pain-free between appointments.

For more information, contact a chiropractor.