How to Enjoy Gardening Without the Back Pain

13 December 2019
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Gardening has so many benefits for the body, keeping you active and encouraging you to get fresh air. However, sometimes this fun pastime can become very strenuous on the spine, causing bothersome back pain. If you've been afflicted by pain or discomfort while working on your landscaping, here are a few ways you can try to reduce those aches and strains. Treat It Like Exercise Before playing any sport, it's important to 'warm up' your limbs and joints. Read More 

Six Questions to Ask Chiropractors About Prenatal Care

10 July 2017
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There are numerous benefits to seeing a chiropractor before giving birth, and if you are thinking about making an appointment, you may want to ask a few questions. There are also questions you may want to ask once you narrow in on the right chiropractor for your needs. 1. Do You Have Experience With Prenatal Chiropractic Care? Ideally, you should only see a chiropractor who has experience working with women in your situation. Read More 

Protecting Your Back During Kettlebell Training

4 November 2016
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Kettlebell training is a fantastic way to develop functional total body strength. Multiple muscles are engaged throughout a well-constructed workout that give you both cardiovascular and strength benefits at the same time. Unfortunately there are many people who don't fully understand how to use kettlebells properly, which can lead to unnecessary injuries such as lower back pain from strained muscles. Not only will poor technique make you more injury prone, but also it can result in certain muscles being overworked, causing muscular imbalances, and it can also reduce the intensity of the workout making it less effective. Read More 

Giddy Up to an Equine Chiropractor for Pelvic Asymmetry

17 December 2015
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Asymmetry of the bony areas of the hindquarters, including the pelvis, is a quite common occurrence in horses. Whether you train horses for the purpose of racing, simply keep one as a pet, or enjoy horse riding as a hobby, it is important to make sure you attempt to address any pelvic asymmetry that your horse has. Often it manifests as an obvious visual difference in height between the left and right sides of the horse, which is normally caused by previous trauma to either of the tubar coxae bones. Read More 

Piriformis Syndrome: An Underdiagnosed Problem That Can Ruin Your Running Hobby

8 December 2015
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If you are one of the significant number of people suffering with lower back pain, you may consider the possibility that piriformis syndrome is the primary cause. Lower back pain is an extremely common medical complaint, with an estimated 70-90 per cent of the population in distress from it at some point in their lives. Many people avoid consulting their GP about pain in this region, perhaps because they feel it would be a waste of the doctor's time to see a patient who is experiencing such a prevalent medical condition. Read More