Giddy Up to an Equine Chiropractor for Pelvic Asymmetry

17 December 2015
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Asymmetry of the bony areas of the hindquarters, including the pelvis, is a quite common occurrence in horses. Whether you train horses for the purpose of racing, simply keep one as a pet, or enjoy horse riding as a hobby, it is important to make sure you attempt to address any pelvic asymmetry that your horse has. Often it manifests as an obvious visual difference in height between the left and right sides of the horse, which is normally caused by previous trauma to either of the tubar coxae bones. Read More 

Piriformis Syndrome: An Underdiagnosed Problem That Can Ruin Your Running Hobby

8 December 2015
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If you are one of the significant number of people suffering with lower back pain, you may consider the possibility that piriformis syndrome is the primary cause. Lower back pain is an extremely common medical complaint, with an estimated 70-90 per cent of the population in distress from it at some point in their lives. Many people avoid consulting their GP about pain in this region, perhaps because they feel it would be a waste of the doctor's time to see a patient who is experiencing such a prevalent medical condition. Read More 

Some Benefits of Using a Chiropractor on a Regular Basis

21 April 2015
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A human has twenty four vertebrae that join together to make up the spinal column. These vertebrae act independently of each other, allowing you to twist, bend and move during a typical day.  The spinal column also houses—and protects—the central nervous system of the body; the central nervous system is the system that coordinates every muscle movement. Back pain is one of the top issues experienced by everyday people, and this article looks at what happens when you experience back pain, and how going to a chiropractor regularly can help decrease back pain. Read More 

How Exercise Can Relieve Sciatica

14 April 2015
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Sciatica is an extremely painful and often debilitating lower back condition. Sufferers often have to rely on strong pain relief to ease the discomfort, but exercise is also very beneficial. But what exercises should you do, and how can they help? A progressive exercise programme is a very important element in the management process of the condition. Without exercise and movement, the spinal structures and back muscles lose condition, and are less able to provide support to the spine. Read More 

How the Posture of Your Head and Shoulders May Be Contributing to Your Neck Pain

10 April 2015
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Did you know that the neck pain you are currently experiencing may be to do with the way that you sit at your office desk on a day-to-day basis? In particular, the posture of your head and shoulders is very important, as poor positions can lead to a number of degenerative neck issues. Strain on the Vertebrae The most common poor posture situation arises when the neck is effectively slanting forwards, so that the head is in front of, instead of above the shoulders. Read More