Six Questions to Ask Chiropractors About Prenatal Care

10 July 2017
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There are numerous benefits to seeing a chiropractor before giving birth, and if you are thinking about making an appointment, you may want to ask a few questions. There are also questions you may want to ask once you narrow in on the right chiropractor for your needs.

1. Do You Have Experience With Prenatal Chiropractic Care?

Ideally, you should only see a chiropractor who has experience working with women in your situation. If someone is not experienced, you may face risks such as going into early labour. Additionally, it helps if the chiropractor has a treatment table designed to accommodate your baby bump.

2. Do You Offer Prenatal Massage?

A massage always feels nice, but when you are pregnant, it can feel even more soothing. Your muscles are working hard to hold all that extra weight in the front of your body. Many chiropractors employ massage therapists, but again, you want to make sure that individual has experience with pregnant women in particular.

3. Can You Align My Pelvis?

In most cases, when you go to a chiropractor, you get your back aligned, but that should only be one part of the equation. You also need to get your pelvis aligned. This is particularly important when you are pregnant. Without proper alignment, the baby can take longer to move through the birth canal; alignment helps streamline the process.

4. Do You Have Advice on Positions During Labour?

Once you've chose a chiropractor, you may want to ask him or her for some advice on positions to take during labour. The majority of the pain during labour comes from the muscular contractions as your cervix opens to let the baby exit the uterus. However, some pains can also come from being in an uncomfortable position or having the baby press against the back of your spine. Your chiropractor may be able to suggest positions that can help to alleviate the pain.

5. Do You Offer Post-Natal Care?

You may want to return to the chiropractor after the labour and birth. Check out whether they offer post-natal care. That can help with your comfort levels through the recovery process.

6. Do You Recommend a Certain Baby Carrier?

Once the baby is born, carrying him or her can take a toll on your body. Many women's spines take a slightly curved shape due to carrying children—namely, one hip juts to the side where they carry toddlers and older babies, and that leads to misalignment through the spine. To help avoid that issue, the chiropractor may have some advice on the best baby carrier to use for your back.